The chancellery of the patents attorney, RUCKH is active in the entire area of commercial legal representation. Specialist areas requiring both legal and technical specialist knowledge area covered in this way. The chancellery is therefore active at all patents authorities and those for the registration of trade names at the national level and also for the appropriate European and international authorities.


Specialist areas / specialist topics:

  1. Electronics, Opto-electronics, Electrical engineering.
  2. Physics, especially semi-conductor physics and micro-system technology.
  3. Mechanical engineering, especially plant construction and machine tools.
  4. Process technology, especially in the areas of chemistry, physics, environmental technology and medical technology.
  5. Inventions in the area of Computer hardware and software
  6. Technologies in the automobile industry

The patents chancellery RUCKH services a wide range of clients from various areas of technology with emphasis on medium-sized companies in Germany and overseas as well as large scale companies.

The patents chancellery, RUCKH has core competence in the form of many years of experience in industry. Project-orientated work inside the chancellery enables interfaces to be offered which are customised to the working methods of a modern industrial companies.

Range of activities closed to industry

Monitoring competition,
Performance of compensation for employee-inventors.
Availability of international database connections
For performing research in the areas of technical proprietary rights and trade names.
Provision of interfaces:
Testing and evaluation of suggestions from inventors, whilst monitoring development in order to protect the know how of the company.
Consultation and development of strategies, whilst monitoring development, in order to prevent the infringement of proprietary rights.